Canine Connections Found on Facebook!

We all know what a great re ­connecting social network tool Facebook is—from re ­uniting with high school classmates you thought you’d seen the last of, to spying on your ex to confirm you did make the right decision some two decades ago.



Be a Responsible Parent and DO NOT Go Out and Buy Your Child a GREAT DANE ...
(after they watch the movie, MARMADUKE)!

20th Century Fox productions presents Marmaduke, which hits theaters on June 4th, 2010. Marmaduke is making his film debut, crossing over from the newspaper comic strip that was first drawn by Brad Anderson in 1954 and is still seen today in your Sunday newspaper.


West Hollywood Bans Puppy Mill Sales

On February 16th, the city council of West Hollywood, California, unanimously passed legislation banning the sale of puppy mill dogs and pet factory cats in pet stores. When the law goes into effect later this year, West Hollywood pet retailers will only be allowed to sell dogs and cats from rescue organizations or from the municipal shelter system.


Effects Of MANDATORY Spay/Neuter Laws

You arrive home to find the extra set of keys on the countertop, next to the hand-scrawled note detailing why things never really would have worked between you two. Half of the dinnerware is gone, along with the CD collection and the flat-screen TV. Even your favorite chair is missing.


Spay and Neuter Laws

It's Tuesday, 9 AM at a Los Angeles shelter and a worried little terrier has just been "red-listed.” Unless someone adopts her, she'll be killed. Another dog will take her place and that dog, too, if he isn't adopted, will be killed. Could spay and neuter laws make a difference in this dog's life?

A March for Free Speech for Those Who Have No Speech

On December 19, 2009, the Saturday before Christmas, eighty animal welfare activists marched in a silent vigil for dogs suffering in puppy mills. The grass roots group was also marching for the five million companion animals who are killed every year in the shelter system because there are not enough homes for them.
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