Role Models


Rescuing Beagles from laboratory “research”
and adopting them into loving homes!

I started ARME (Animal Rescue, Media & Education) as a non-profit in 2004 in order to rescue animals in need, and expose animal cruelty via the media. In particular, by making documentary films to reach a broader audience to educate about animal exploitation.

I have always fought very hard against vivisection (vivisection is the testing of a live animal, frequently without the use of pain killers or anesthesia). My main passion has been to end these cruel and archaic practices, by changing legislation and saving the animals that are the subjects of these cruel tests. However, I never though that laboratories would actually release animals to me.



One of the oldest no-kill organizations located in Middletown, NY

A typical day at Pets Alive involves doing rounds to check on all the animals, stop and visit with my favorite ones, discuss various issues with staff, respond to emails and phone calls, touch base with other rescue groups that are asking for help, check the daily euthanasia lists of other shelters and see how many animals we can help, pay bills, and then spend some time begging people to help us financially!



All creeds, all breeds welcome

About four years ago, at 28 years old, I was admitted into Comprehensive Transplant at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. I had spent the last month and a half at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital fighting complications from End-stage liver disease (liver and kidney failure), the result of 10 years of continuous alcohol and drug abuse. The goal of the Comprehensive Transplant team at Cedars was to help me survive long enough to get the liver transplant that I desperately needed. A Mayo Clinic study on End-stage liver disease calculated that there was a 76% chance I would die in 90 days or less without a liver transplant. In order to avoid becoming a statistic I would need to rediscover my will to live, and somehow slow the progression of my disease.



AngelDogs Foundation Deaf Dog Ranch Saving
deaf dogs from shelters all over America

Misty didn’t stand much of a chance in a municipal shelter. The beautiful white Dogo Argentino mix not only looked like a pit bull, but she was also deaf. Despite their high intelligence and ease to train, many deaf dogs are overlooked for adoption and instead end up a sad shelter statistic.

That’s why my husband Mark Tipton, a certified dog trainer, and I started privately rescuing deaf dogs three years ago. Since then, we’ve adopted out more than two dozen to thoroughly screened homes. In June 2012, we opened AngelDogs Foundation Deaf Dog Ranch in Acton, California, the first all-breed deaf dog rescue in the country.





I started rescuing Pit Bulls because there is a huge need for it. I see how people look at the breed, and I’m on a mission to change that negative stereotype. When I was a competing power lifter (and a very big guy), people would always look at me and say how they would not want to come across me in a dark alley; I feel that is the way people look at the Pit Bull. If you actually knew me, you would know I wouldn’t hurt a fly.

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