A second chance for dogs


Karma Rescue reports
Photo courtesy of Karma Rescue


Karma Rescue was founded in 2003 with the mission to save at-risk dogs from the high-kill Los Angeles area shelters. Karma Rescue provides each dog with a new beginning by finding safe and suitable permanent homes through adoption, education, and advocacy. Over the past seven years, Karma Rescue has placed over 1,100 dogs with new families. By default, many of the dogs we rescue are Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes, a breed disproportionately represented in Los Angeles (LA) shelters.

Karma Rescue has a great reputation in the rescue community and was just named "Best Dog Rescue" by Los Angeles Magazine in its August 2010 "Best Of LA" issue. Karma was also voted the #1 place to volunteer in 2010 by KABC-TV and was recently featured on two episodes of Animal Planet's Pit Boss series, and will be seen in two upcoming episodes. In one of the episodes, a Karma volunteer rescues two dogs from Downtown LA, subsequently placing them with the American Idol producer and So You Think You Can Dance judge/producer, Nigel Lythgoe.

Our dogs are frequent visitors to KTTV "Good Day LA" adopt-a-pet segment, and, one of the anchors, Tony McEwing, adopted one of our puppies after seeing him on their set. In addition, in 2009, several of Karma's dogs were featured in the film Hotel for Dogs, and Karma was mentioned in the DVD extras by one of the producers, a Karma Board-Member. One of the Karma Dogs, a blue Pit Bull puppy, even made it onto the movie's poster. In addition, one of the first dogs ever rescued by Karma was Lucy, a 3-legged Pit Bull, who had several key scenes in the movie.

Karma Rescue is very active in the Los Angeles community with our Saturday adoption events, participation in spay/ neuter clinics, and in-school education program that teaches children the importance of adoption and humane animal care.

Karma is very proud of the fact that we offer life-long support to our dogs and their new families. After a dog is placed in a new home, we follow up on the animal's progress, offer training and advice on all aspects of dog care, and encourage the proud owners to stay involved in the rescue world (volunteer hikes and picnics, mixers and fundraisers, fostering, etc.).

We are also known for rescuing dogs that are perceived by many as being unadoptable. Most of these animals require expensive and extensive rehabilitation, be it behavioral training or medical treatment. Many people in the LA area remember the story of Abigail, a young Pit Bull who was cruelly set on fire and left to die in the streets. Karma Rescue took on Abigail's cause by raising $50,000+ for her vet bills, providing her with love and support in the hospital, and, ultimately, placing her in a wonderful home with a Pit Bull brother.

In the upcoming year, Karma will, of course, continue to save even more at-risk dogs and find them great homes. We also hope to raise our profile in the rescue-community by expanding our in-school program; supporting animal rights legislation; encouraging and helping to provide spay/neuter services; and advocating adoption of homeless animals.

For more information or to make a donation:
Karma Rescue
1158 26th St #155 PMB
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 512-7833
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Facebook: "Karma Rescue"

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