Providing new beginnings for displaced Golden Retrievers in Southern Nevada

The rescue is my passion, that I, along with three other women, started in 2003. Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada (GRRSN) was established by a group of volunteers who had a common bond - the love of these amazing and gentle creatures, the Golden Retriever. We are devoted to helping and re-homing as many neglected, abused, and displaced dogs as possible.



The Harmony Fund is devoted to granting wishes for “Underdog” animal rescue squads across the Planet!

It’s 5 am in Romania and Norica Prigoana wakes with a burning throat and runny nose that no amount of tea and tissue can control. She sits up in bed and tries to ignore the body aches that ripple from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. Norica shuffles around the kitchen, preparing breakfast for 18 dogs and cats who are yawning and beginning to come to life. A couple of the animals lie patiently in their beds, paralyzed, and unable to greet Norica with anything more than a tender look. Their shoulders still wiggle and you can almost sense the phantom wags of their tails. Each of them knows that food is coming and the sheer surprise of having regular meals has not yet worn off.



DOWNTOWN DOG RESCUE in South Los Angeles

If we keep taking dogs away from them, that just becomes the norm. I want to see people finish it and get through to the end,” says Lori Weise. Lori is the founder of Downtown Dog Rescue in Los Angeles and winner of the 2013 Wallace Award.



Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners

In December 2011, I adopted a 12-week-old American Staffordshire puppy from the shelter in Agoura Hills, California. My 13-year-old had died a week before, and I simply couldn’t be without a dog. This puppy had been in the shelter for 6 weeks and the note on his intake form said, “no room.” Upon getting him home, I discovered that this cute little puppy was basically feral; no socialization, no bite inhibition, and no manners. I named him Rafa.



C.H.A.I.N.E.D. Inc.

Freeing dogs from the chain…. One dog at a time

While working as a community care registered nurse in the low-income neighborhoods of Southwest Detroit, I was shocked to see all of the chained dogs. I started asking the dog owners if I could bring their dogs some treats and began delivering weekly treat bags filled with various long-lasting chews, bones, and toys. Then I started researching ways to solve some of the reasons why the dogs were chained. I discovered that the majority were chained because they could jump or climb their short 4-ft fences, and some were just diggers. There were also some dog owners that just believed chaining a dog is what you are supposed to do - it is what they were taught. So with the owner’s permission, I recruited my husband and my father and we extended our very first 4-ft fence, setting free two very deserving dogs from a life on the chain! That feeling I felt as I watched the dogs immediately become “regular” dogs was so incredible and so rewarding that I knew I had to help more dogs and this is how C.H.A.I.N.E.D. Inc. began. Dogs are pack animals and deserve to be part of a family, loved and cared for, and treated with respect.




The Mia Foundation was developed to give animals with birth defects a fighting chance.

My precious Mia was born with a cleft palate. Mia had several surgeries, all of which had failed. Although she was taken to the top universities and to the top veterinarians, she was given little hope of survival. I was told that euthanasia was best. I refused to give up on her and vowed to fight for her as long as she continued to fight. She was given a chance at life, and even though her life was short-lived, she lived it to the fullest. She had to face many medical obstacles on her journey here, but she never let it overpower her love for life. Mia has inspired over 11,000 people from all over the world and continues to create miracles every day.

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