Takes Kansas City Animal Shelter on the Journey to becoming a No Kill Shelter

Every year, approximately 4 million dogs and cats are needlessly killed in shelters across this country, many of them in municipal shelters that are underfunded and mismanaged. Like municipal shelters in many cities, the Kansas City, Missouri, animal shelter was mismanaged—marking only a 40% live release rate in 2008—and was unable or unwilling to solve the problem. We figured the best solution for homeless animals in Kansas City was to have the shelter go under private management.



The No KILL Movement is all about ending the killing of healthy, adoptable animals in shelters across the nation. Please join the movement and become a "fan" of these No Kill organizations on Facebook to keep up-to-date with the latest news and info.



If you’ve even casually glanced through the pages of The American Dog Magazine before this moment, you are no doubt aware of the ever growing “No Kill” movement. The movement, which is largely decentralized but connected by a common dedication to improving the outlook for lost and homeless pets who enter animal shelters, is a policy-based, counter-status-quo effort to dramatically reduce the unnecessary killing of healthy and treatable companion animals at animal shelters in the United States and beyond. It is a movement of compassion and commitment and a movement that rejects traditional—and largely mythical and disproved of—excuses for the conditions and outlook that most animals face today at public and private shelters alike.


Dr. Ellen Jefferson - A Champion For Austin's Homeless Pets!


Soft-spoken and self-effacing, Austin, Texas veterinarian Dr. Ellen Jefferson is a revolutionary leader in Austin's animal-welfare community. In fact, she is the single person most responsible for Austin's extraordinary push to join the ranks of America's "No Kill" cities (yet also the least likely to take any of the credit).





For over a century animal shelters in this country have argued that the killing of animals is unavoidable, and that the "irresponsible" American public is to blame. Without an alternative model to challenge the assumptions upon which these calculations were based, animal shelters, by default were granted a license to kill millions of animals a year while blaming others for the need to do so.


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