HEAD-TO-TOE CHECKLIST (for your dog)!

(It’s your responsibility to provide for your dogs’ daily hygiene needs)


Is Your Dog’s Shedding Under Control?

Are you fed up with your dog’s shedding? As the weather warms, this is a problem we hear in our store on a daily basis. Rather than offering a tool to remove the dead, shedding undercoat, we instead start out by asking what type of food the dog is eating.  


Keeping Your Dog House up to SNIFF!

What do a dog, kitten, sugar glider, owl, alligator lizard, and screech owl have in common? They have all resided in our home as Hope For Paws fosters. Most people think we are a dog rescue, but we made sure to file as a rescue for all animals since we are located in Los Angeles, where the shelters can have anything from hamsters to horses.

Dog Days of Summer ... preparing for summer BLISS

We all do it. Just admit it. We have a summer preparation list. Sunny, hot days are almost here and our bodies are nowhere near ready to be exposed at the beach! We need to tan, drop a few pounds, tone up a few muscles and thoroughly shave those legs all before we can be officially summer-ready. But what about our best furry friends (BFFs)? What do we do to help them get summer ready?

Making Your Dog's Hygiene a Priority Too!

When we think of hygiene, we typically don't think of our dog, but their hygiene should be as important as ours. There is no question, proper hygiene is your first step to a healthy and happier dog. Start at the top—have you checked your dog's ears lately?

Getting the Scoop on Dog Poop!

Why is it important to pick up after your dog? Here are some facts:

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