Benefits of Ester-C for Pets


By Michael Durkin
Co-Owner of Wag Your Tail Boutique

One of the best vitamins for pets is Vitamin C; however, Ester-C is a better choice because it is better absorbed and excreted more slowly than normal Vitamin C.

Dogs, as well as cats, suffer from a variety of health problems, which are greatly improved from this natural vitamin. In many cases we've seen a great reduction in chronic inflammation in dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, spinal disorders and other degenerative conditions. Ester-C is well-tolerated and inhibits the effects of oxidation. It reacts with free radicals and renders them harmless, thus slowing down aging, as well as the health problems it brings. In using Vitamin C, a good rule of thumb for dosing is to use it till the pet's stool gets soft, then cut back.

At Wag Your Tail Boutique in Chicago, we have five large dogs: Great Danes, an English Mastiff and a Rottweiler. Since adding Ester-C, we've seen fewer general health problems, even though they meet up to 20 other dogs in our store daily. I believe the Ester-C not only protects our dogs' joints but also increases their immune systems from viruses or bacteria carried by the visiting dogs.

The Ester-C can be added to food, pilled as a capsule, or mixed with water in a syringe for truly older or ill dogs and cats. We always recommend seeing your local veterinarian first before beginning any new treatment in an older dog or a cat's health program. Our
experience is that most of our customers agree Ester-C is a win-win addition to their pets' total health.

One of the personal uses of the Vitamin C in its esterized format is for its use in cats. I have a 23-year-old domestic shorthair that, like most aging cats, has some dental issues.

My veterinarian had concerns with putting her under anesthesia due to her age and other health concerns. Her front tooth was falling halfway out and she was losing facial hair, which indicated she was rubbing her mouth due to the inflammation. I started using ester Vitamin C for its anti-inflammation properties and in just a few months her tooth fell out on its own.

Cats and dogs manufacture their own Vitamin C, but if they are being treated with steroids or other anti-inflammatory drugs their Vitamin C levels are usually significantly reduced. Vitamin C is also involved in the metabolic pathway to connective tissue. The use of Ester-C can help with the gums, immune function and eye problems in addition to arthritic problems.

You may also wonder why Ester-C is better than ascorbic acid. In human case studies the ascorbic acid in Vitamin C when taken for long periods of time can cause kidney problems, excessive iron absorption and copper deficiency. The esterized version is absorbed so fast that it has less time to cause stomach distress.

For more information or to contact:
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6803 W. Addison St.
Chicago, IL 60634
(773) 202-0391


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Antioch, IL 60002
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