Holistic Alternatives

to Pain Management in Pets

Are you interested in options when it comes to reducing pain in your pet? In this article, I will introduce some alternative methods of pain management and how they may be used to manage different types and causes of pain.


Keeping Your Dog Healthy!

Just like with people, is it important for your dog to eat nutritious food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, and to exercise regularly by walking, hiking, jogging, swimming, or playing fetch! But, to make sure your dog stays in optimum health you should incorporate these four items into your dog’s daily diet.


Advocating for Our Dogs: Food Safety

An increase in voluntary recalls, brought about by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), is feeding fear and mistrust in our food sources, human and canine. None of our dog foods—canned, kibble, treats, or raw—are immune any longer. Even if you make your own dog food, you and your dog could be involved with a recalled food! Recalls are enraging, frustrating, and sometimes tragic. Foods that end up in your dog’s bowl and make them ill are a manufacturer’s worst nightmare, especially for the foods at the top of the pet food chain. It behooves dog food manufacturers to respond quickly, empathetically, and responsibly to any adverse effect their food might have on your dog, even if they are exaggerated. The mettle of a manufacturer shows best in how they handle these crises.


The responsibility of our dogs’ health and wellness rests with us, their guardians

Her name was Bruin’s Black Magic of Stehekin. I called her Magic. She came to me from a reputable breeder in New Mexico as an 8-week-old Newfie fur ball. She was my remedy for depression. She was my healer, my teacher, and my canine soul mate. She was the inspiration, Chief Executive Dog, and co-pawprietor of the Pet Empawrium & Spaw.



Natural alternatives to health and wellness for you and your pets can be scary. Most people don't know how to use natural alternatives. I was watching Dr. Oz's TV show the other day, and he said the number one item that should be in everyone's medicine cabinet is Melaleuca (Tea Tree); otherwise known as tea tree oil.



As the media beats the Swine flu pandemic drum, and people rush to get face-masks and hand sanitizers and are told that it is safe to eat pork products, stock-piles of Tamiflu and other anti-viral cocktails may soon be all gone, even though they may be ineffectual. The Centers for Disease Control insist that only a new vaccine may work against this new strain, designated as A/H1N1.
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