Rescued from living life on a chain to having a loving
family and sleeping in a bed (under the covers)!

By Sarah Logan (Frankie’s mom)

The information I have on Frankie has been passed to me through many hands. Frankie first lived in Kennewick, Washington, where there is breed specific legislation. He was seized from his first home, probably around the age of 8 to 10 months old. Due to the fact the seizure was complicated by police involvement and by another dog (a Lab) who was ordered by the owner to bite the police (which he did), Frankie was held in the shelter as “evidence” in a court case for many months. Once the court case was resolved, Frankie was adopted out. Things went from bad to worse.

Frankie was discovered in December of 2010 in The Dalles, Oregon by Katharine who runs the rescue group Forgotten Dogs in Seattle. At the time, Frankie was chained outside with ten other dogs. None of the dogs were in good condition. Their “houses” were laughable—bits of trash and scraps nailed together. Katharine talked to the people there and convinced them to let her take Frankie into her rescue group. When he went into Forgotten Dogs, he weighed 54 pounds, compared to his current healthy weight of 75 pounds. He had bare patches and a poor coat. His ears were bleeding (and still have scars) from fly bites. Yet, what Frankie also had, that Katharine could clearly see, was a loving, gentle personality.

Frankie was nursed back to health in his wonderful foster home. There, he had two Pit Bull buddies to play with, and they were all ruled by a female Chihuahua. At the time I had been looking and looking for a Pit Bull boy to add to my family of three Pekingese since I had lost my two elderly Pit Bulls the summer before, a month and a day apart. I had checked out a dozen or more dogs at my shelter and on Petfinder over the period of a couple months. I was ready to give up, because I could not find “the one.”

I went to Petfinder for one final search, planning to stop looking for a while if no one clicked with me. Then there he was – and his name (then) was Tiger. I knew he would be a perfect fit, because my female Pekingese is the one who rules this roost. I met him and his foster mom in Vancouver, WA. He was just what I was looking for—a big, goofy lug-head of a boy, sweet and affectionate. I decided to call him Frankie, and Frankie and I bonded almost immediately! Over the course of the past ten months, that bond has become stronger and deeper.

The dog who once lived out in the elements—neglected, underweight, and lonely—now sleeps each night curled up next to me in bed under the covers. He has become a certified therapy dog, and he comes to work with me in a nursing facility where he greets all his friends. Frankie goes to different training classes, enjoying the challenges and the treats. He has been to dog camp and enjoys running and playing with all his dog friends. His favorite toy is a Kong Genius with dog biscuits hidden inside.

Frankie has not only won the love and admiration of many people, but has also shown them what wonderful dogs Pit Bulls really are. For all he endured, this boy has the gentlest spirit I have ever known. He is a big goofball, a clumsy oaf, a good natured fellow who is always ready for some fun. Frankie also adores cuddling and snuggling and curling up as close as possible with me, his special person. With a heavy, happy sigh, he rests his head on me and falls asleep, knowing he is loved and safe. Always.

As a side note, Katharine was able to go back and rescue 3 other dogs: a female Pit Bull, and two herding-type dogs.

Become a friend of Frankie on Facebook at: Bullyboy

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