Happily Ever After


Parker has an incredible story of survival. Parker was tied to the back of a pickup truck and dragged down the road by his owner. His 'so called' owners took him to a vet after a few days, but could not afford treatment for his horrific wounds and asked that he be euthanized. Parker had excruciating, painful, open wounds all over his body; his chest, his 'private' areas (causing him to not be neutered), along with serious wounds on his paw pads and the top of his feet.



The Bird Cage Puppy

Juniper, known as the Bird Cage Puppy, was tossed in a bird cage at 7-weeks-old. Why would someone do that? Because Juniper couldn’t bring in any money to her unscrupulous breeder. When her breeder realized she couldn’t use her back legs, he tossed her in a bird cage and then he placed the cage outside so she would die. Thankfully, someone came across this tiny puppy in a cage, and the breeder told the lady she could take Juniper.




Mickey and The Padded Bum Crew consist of 5 English Bulldogs born with Spina Bifida, ranging from 11 months to 10-years-old. The crew members mimic a Disney movie; with Mickey (crew leader, 2.5 years), Minnie (1.5 years), Lilo (1.2 years), Stitch (11 months), and Bessie (10 years old).



Sasha came to us when we were taking our first “rescue break” in about 3 years. We just had our last foster puppy adopted out and we thought we would take a couple of months off from fostering and focus on networking and fundraising for our non-profit, Reggie’s Friends. But, then we got a text from one of our rescue friends who runs Blue’s Angels rescue, with a photo of this mangy, scabby little bulldog.




Bobby says, “My name is Bobby and my past began when I was put in a high kill shelter at 8-months-old. I only had 3 days to find a home and on the 3rd day a lady was looking for a puppy for her sister’s birthday and she adopted me. She took me home to Sandra for her birthday and she decided to call me Bobby. I am now a therapy dog for my 11-year-old owner, Sandra. She suffers from Stress Disorder and sometimes could use a paw getting cheered up.”



After the loss of my 15-year-old dog, Ginger, I had no plans to get another dog. It was too heartbreaking to imagine having another dog. I was planning on waiting until I was out of college and then adopting a dog. For years, I have wanted to adopt a big, older dog. Most people want to adopt puppies; not many people want big dogs or older ones. Ginger brought so much love to my life that I had no plans to get another dog after losing her. Little did I know how that plan would change.

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