Dr. Elliott Harvey


Life Guard 4 Pets is a combination of active glucosides (2,6-Dimethoxy-p-benzoquinone, PSP, amylase, protease) that has been put through many different processes in order to achieve its remarkable capabilities. I’ll attempt to explain how it works in many different ways on a cellular level to destroy cancer cells or, at the least, to weaken the cells’ ability to thrive while hitting them with a toxic blast!



Treats are important in the lives of your dogs and cats. What is life without a treat? Be honest—how many of us can go through a day without giving ourselves some little tidbit as an emotional reward, to satisfy a craving, to increase energy? Though you can control when and what you consume as a treat, your pets are totally dependent on you and your knowledge of treat quantity and quality.


Essential Fatty Acids and Your Dog

Today starts out so well. A brisk walk around the block, and a long late morning nap on the couch. Then comes the question: “Want to go for a car ride?” My response: an emphatic “Yes!” (punctuated by a vigorous tail wag with a whole body wiggle).

But instead of a trip to the lake for a swim or to the store to pick out a new toy, we arrive at the veterinary clinic. All of the sudden my tail becomes glued between my legs, and I start trembling in fear. Echoing around me are the cries of other dogs, and I fear that the worst is coming—what if I never leave this place? When the veterinarian arrives in the exam room, my normal exuberant kisses are replaced by a snarl, and I am issued that embarrassing and uncomfortable muzzle. After what seems like an eternity, filled with poking and prodding, I am released from this prison, and I hastily drag my owner back to the car before she changes her mind.


Bacteria that are Important to Health


Normally when we think of bacteria, we think of the new strains of flesheating bacteria, E. coli, staph - including MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), a difficult-to-treat type of staph that can cause potentially life-threatening infection. We have relegated bacteria to the category of things to avoid, but that's not necessarily accurate.