Dog Training


Only 2 in 10 dogs remain in their original homes in America, the rest are euthanized or rehomed (often multiple times). Does this statistic surprise you? People quit on their dogs for every reason imaginable: house training, barking, aggression, digging, jumping fences, expense, illness, general disobedience, and even moving (as if they don't allow dogs in the town they are moving to!). All of these problems would be preventable if the person had planned ahead and were willing to put in the effort. Few relationships are perfect and usually require some kind of effort to succeed, but for some reason people fail to make the necessary commitment with their animals.


Tackling the D Word

So much talk about such a simple little word. It’s all over the television and the Internet in discussions on forums and blogs. People are either trying to defend or attack the theory of dominance, or hierarchy in pack mentality. In many circles the words dominance and submission have become the antichrist of dog training lingo, while others have made them the dog training buzz words.


Can We Bring the Dog?

When was the last time one of your friends invited you over and asked you to bring your dog? Been awhile? Perhaps your friends would rather you didn’t bring your dog. Ever wonder why?


Don't Give Up—Just Make a Change

When you are in a relationship that is frustrating you, you have a few choices...

Investing in Your New Adoption


Adopting a dog is a much bigger event than most people consider it to be - it is an investment of your time, energy, money, and emotions. This reality is often ignored when a person stares into the big eyes of a new puppy or dog in need.



May I Pet Your Dog?


We are asking all people who encounter someone else's dog to please be courteous enough to ask permission to pet someone else's dog, and be respectful of what people ask of you.

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