Dog Safety


Safety Checklist

Your dog should always wear their collar with tags; Make sure correct phone numbers are on the dog tags; Your dog should be microchipped and have current info, Put a padlock on your backyard gate; Put a padlock on your front gate (if applicable); Keep your dog indoors when you are not at home, Don’t leave your dog unattended in the backyard; Don’t let your dog roam free in the neighborhood; Keep your dogs inside your home when expecting repairmen, landscape workers, meter readers, or guests; Spay or neuter your pets; Know where your dog is at all times/td>



Over 2 Million Family Pets Are Stolen Every Year!

The pet theft epidemic is all about stealing dogs. Family pets are kidnapped at a startling rate throughout the country and sold to animal research facilities for profit. Purebred dogs are dog-napped from backyards and sold on Craigslist or through classified ads for hundreds of dollars, and Pit Bull-type dogs are stolen to be used as bait dogs or turned into fighting dogs. Regardless of the thieves’ tactics and intentions, the outcome for a stolen dog is bleak.


Walking the Dog

Have you ever been walking your dog on a leash and been attacked by dogs off-leash?

Unfortunately, there are many irresponsible owners who can’t control their dogs or who let their dogs run loose in the neighborhood. Dog owners should invest time and money in proper dog training and socialization, not only for their own dogs’ safety but also for the safety of the other dogs they come in contact with.


Keeping Your Dog Safe: Avoiding Abduction

We’ve all witnessed it—a dog tied to a chair outside your neighborhood java joint or chained in the back of a pickup truck parked in a strip mall. Some might reason it only takes a few minutes to grab a cup of coffee or pick up the dry cleaning.


Toxic Plants

As a landscape designer for over twenty years, I understand the positive response humans have toward plants. Plants are not only beautiful, but they clean our air, provide shade, and have a calming affect on us.

Temperament Testing

To temperament test or not to temperament test, that is the question. Whether it is a noble endeavor or … Well, for what it's worth, here is my bottom line on the subject: I believe that temperament tests should not be administered to give a pass/fail assessment as to whether an animal should be euthanized.
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