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It was in 2004 that I came across a tiny Dachshund puppy, the last of his litter to find a home. He appeared sad and sickly, and it was those big brown eyes staring up at me, pleading with me to ‘take me home,’ that made me scoop the little puppy in my arms and give him a warm place to call his own. We named him Noodle.




In 2009, I lost my American Bulldog Cain, to cancer shortly after his 10th birthday. He was my four-legged soul mate. In honor of Cain, I had created a drawing a few months before he passed away that depicts the love we share with our canine friends and called it Love Adds Up. In early 2010, along with other Wishcuit products, I began selling stickers, magnets, and merchandise that depicts the Love Adds Up image at pet events, online, and at canine cancer walks. The proceeds from each sale are donated to rescues, urgent dogs in need, and to the research and treatment of canine cancer.



A Golden Retriever’s vision to brighten peoples’ lives through photographs, words, and his own greeting cards!

Denali was named after the mountain, not the car. Denali came into my life in October of 2001 while I was working as a photographer at a newspaper in Pennsylvania. Attempting to be creative for the holiday season, I placed a bow on him, took a photo, and sent it out as my holiday greeting card. It became a yearly tradition for family and friends, and after years of receiving holiday photo greetings from Denali, my family encouraged me to do more with it. So I did, and Denali started his very small greeting card business.



“I am going to be the next BIG greeting card star!”

The day I picked up Rufio was one of the greatest days of my life. I thought I was picking up the cutest puppy in the world, and had no idea I was bringing home a superstar!

At 5 months old, Rufio wore his first costume for Halloween dressed as a gladiator. Then a few months later, Hallmark had a pet Halloween greeting cards contest. I entered the gladiator photo of Rufio, and it won! He has recently appeared on his third Hallmark card due out for Christmas. In the process, I took many new pictures of Rufio in full costume and I was truly shocked by his modeling abilities. He was a natural!



AKC Grand Champion, Philanthropist, Travel Correspondent, and a Naughty Dog!

The first time I saw a picture of a Spinone Italiano in a magazine, I was captivated. After carefully researching the breed, it appeared to be a perfect fit for our family. Known for being comical and non-dominant, it was a great choice to compliment Minnie Pearl, our extremely challenging and dominant Bloodhound rescue.

When Ecco joined our family, it was with the agreement that he would participate in conformation showing and hunt training with the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. With the intention of preserving the integrity of the breed, Ecco became an AKC Star Puppy, and is currently a AKC Grand Champion. He holds the AKC Junior Hunt Title as well as a NAVHDA Prize III Award. His first experience in the show ring was at 4 months old in Hampton, VA, where he won the Puppy Sporting Group Competition in a fun match.



AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC Therapy Dog, and all-around amazing ambassador for the Pit Bull breed!

Elle became part of our family after the loss of Baron, our 15-year-old pit bull. I saw Elle’s picture on the Internet and wanted to provide her with a loving, forever home. She was a puppy in need of responsible pet parents, someone who would provide her with the best life possible. But, I had no idea my new four-legged friend would be the one helping me, and taking my life in a whole new direction.

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