Dog Law

Is It Safe For Pets to Fly (in cargo)?


On February 4, 2010, Mr. James Hough received a phone call from a Delta Airlines cargo employee. Mr. Hough's Neopolitan mastiff puppy, Iagan, had departed from Brussels, Belgium on Delta Flight 125 and was scheduled to arrive at her new home in Peoria, Illinois that day.


Dog Owner Liability

When I was a kid, every day after school my sister and I would whistle for the neighbor’s dog, Motley. The rambunc ­tious Schnauzer never failed to zip un ­der his fence, bounding down the street and into our yard.


How do I get my dog back?

You arrive home to find the extra set of keys on the countertop, next to the hand-scrawled note detailing why things never really would have worked between you two. Half of the dinnerware is gone, along with the CD collection and the flat-screen TV. Even your favorite chair is missing.



Does the Constitution of the United States protect dog fighting or other abusive or cruel behavior towards dogs or other animals? The question seems so absurd as to barely ignite a grunt in response. But it's a more serious issue than it seems at first blush.

Is Your Animal Shelter Humane?

Eddie's senior guardian couldn't keep him anymore. Although trained and highly capable of working with the elderly, Eddie's guardian wanted Eddie to be with a young family who could give Eddie the love he deserved. The two-year old, gentle-yet-bubbly Border collie deserved a good home , no, he deserved a great home.

Civil Lawsuits

Last year, a man called my office, distraught. He recounted the previous night's events: "The police kicked in the front door and yelled at me to surrender. I had been asleep, but then the dogs started barking and running down the stairs....
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