Our Mission

Our mission is everything you, as the enthusiastic dog parent need to know about taking the ultimate care of your best friend and family member for life! We want to educate, enlighten, guide, explore and explain every facet of world-class dog care. We bring you the issues so you can become a better educated and more informed guardian. We discuss the old, new, controversial and the latest topics that pertain to all things dog-related. We are dedicated to ensuring that your canine kids receive the best education in regards to their health, nutrition, supplements, wellness, hygiene, training and safety. We're committed to improving the lives of dogs and enriching the lives of parents.

We are a parent magazine for all dog lovers! We actively promote responsibility, accountability and a life-long commitment for every person that brings a dog into their home. We want all Americans to have the opportunity to have a best friend, a companion, and to be loved unconditionally from the dog in their life. Your dog needs you and depends on you for everything. You are their world and their whole life revolves around you.

We strive to enable your dog (companian, buddy, soulmate) to live a healthier, happier and harmonious life in your world!


Our Niche

Our niche is for people who consider themselves "dog parents" or "dog people." Today's dog parents tend to recognize their beloved pet as a member of the family, and often want the same sort of services for their dog that they would demand for their children. Dogs are family. They're kids with fur, and there are expenses that come with being a responsible, exceptional dog parent. Dog parents want to make sure their four-legged canine has a balanced and full life enriched with all the deserving amenities money can buy. Dogs go to the best daycare, have personal exercise instructors, and are coached by the finest trainers. They indulge in tantalizing treatments at the spa and get waited on foot and paw by benevolent groomers. Their days are scheduled around massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic appointments deemed as necessary. There are play dates, sleepovers and outings to the dog parks. And what dog would dare eat sub-standard commercial dog food? Only the freshest, natural, organic cuisine is desired by these cosseted, spoiled pooches.

It is the epitome of euphoria for Dog Parents to know that when you have a happy dog, your life is indeed good!


Our Magazine

American Dog Magazine is only available from our online Website store where you can buy single copies ($5 total includes shipping) or a 1-year subscription ($20 includes shipping). We are published quarterly in the spring, summer, fall and winter. We are a "Lifestyle" Dog Magazine that is devoted to showcasing the extraordinary lifestyles of dogs and the incredible rewards associated when a family embraces these amazing canine kids as a member of the family. We focus on the topics that are relevent in today's accelerated and spontaneous society. We cover the issues that need to be heard and matter to all dog parents out there. We want to bring you the outrageous, the funny, the entertaining, the in-depth editorial content, and the thought-provoking, serious issues. We also want to make dog parents aware of the vast number of superb businesses nationwide that cater to your best friend. We want to promote the establishments that take the extra step in providing superior products and services to ensure your pet lives longer and stays healthy. In return, you will be showered with the most incredible love, adoration and devotion that you can imagine from a dog. "Your dog, your family, your lifestyle!"

We hope to inspire, amuse, inform, entertain, and especially educate you as you read through the pages of American Dog Magazine!


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