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I enjoy working with various communities around the world and have traveled to almost 40 countries. When I travel abroad, whether for work or vacation, I will always make a point to visit a charity or organization that is making a difference in the community—not just for people, but also for the animals. As much as I enjoy humanitarian work, I am equally devoted to loving all creatures, great and small.


Lisa Lampanelli


I first saw Parker when he was being chased by a cook at a Chinese restaurant. I said, "Hey, that dog's too cute to be a #17. He's gonna be my pet." Okay, okay - that's not what happened....




"Wow, your dog is gorgeous! What kind is he? Husky? Shepherd? Akita?" If I've heard that once, I've heard it a hundred times. I thought it myself when I first saw him and didn't learn he was a Jindo until we walked up to his mirror image at the dog park.


Talking Dogs!

I have had dogs my whole life and they have always been special to me in their own way. My newest child is a four ­-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Mickey who I rescued from a local shelter. He digs massive holes in my backyard and it seems impossible that his little body is capable of this! Why is he doing this?

Shannon Keith

There are so many hot topics for dog lovers to worry about, from breed-specific legislation to breaking news on K9 cancer. Should we even get involved in the anti-fur de ­bate? Absolutely, and Shannon Keith, who started her own production company called Uncaged Films knows why.

Emma Zen Chiapuzio Turns Three!

What an incredible party this beautiful Labrador had thanks to her mom and dad, Jim and Debra Jo Chiapuzio!


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